Urge Senate to Pass Coronavirus Relief Bill

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Congress is back in session and the Senate just introduced their version of the next phase of coronavirus relief legislation, which contains many provisions we have fought hard to secure.

However, our work is not done, and we must make sure the Senate passes this important measure this week. The bill will go a long way in restoring lost jobs and ensuring the exhibitions and events industry businesses that have suffered so much these past months can continue to operate and help fuel a nationwide economic recovery.

Please take just two minutes to send an action alert to your senators today.

Whether you live in or conduct business in a state, send your message directly to the office of your U.S. Representative and Senators. We ask that you email directly to your Members of Congress staff contacts. This list provides you with staff names, phone numbers and email addresses. (Please note: this excel file of personally identifiable information was legally obtained and complies with privacy data laws). You may ask, why is this step so important? Because you will then be in direct contact with staff members that have responsibility for these issues. You will be more effective in using this approach.

Unsure of who to contact in the list above? Visit whoismyrepresentative.com

Contact Exhibitions Mean Business for additional information or questions.

Thank you for your help and engagement.

EMB Team