Time Is Running Out: Tell Congress We Need Relief Today

Dear Travel Advocate:

From the impending congressional battle over the Supreme Court nomination to the fast-approaching presidential election, things are far from business as usual in Washington. Lost in these legislative challenges is the fact that millions of Americans are still suffering and are in desperate need of a lifeline.

So many of you have shared with us your stories: how you were forced to lay off loyal employees, cut costs or shutter your businesses. You shared with us your fears for the future, and your desperation to find a solution to the economic onslaught on our industry.

Of course, we are navigating challenging political waters. But we cannot let the current drag us down. Congress will be in town for a few more days, and we must impress upon them the importance of providing relief for small businesses. We cannot wait until after the Supreme Court battle or until after the election.

I have been amazed by the strength and fortitude of our industry throughout this crisis. As we have these past few months, we must continue to stand together with a unified voice and advocate for the workers and small businesses that are the backbone of our industry.

Please join us in calling on Congress to finish the work they started and pass, at the very least, a stand-alone bill that provides relief for small travel industry businesses.

We ask that you take just two minutes to send an action alert to your members of Congress. Even if you have already sent an alert this week, it is important that you send another. Your efforts make a huge difference.

Take Action

Thank you again for everything you do. We cannot finish this fight without you.

Tori Emerson Barnes
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