Think Basketball ... Rebound!

When I was in High School … and even afterwards to an extent until my ankles and knees gave out … I played basketball. Forward position mostly … and one of the principals of the game centered on “Rebounding”. Those principals can be used in this current life situation …

  1. “Box Out” … the act of blocking a defender away from the goal so that you have a better position for rebounding the ball. The symmetry? Block out all of the negatives which could come to mind and focus on your best position to rebound when the time comes.

  2. “Jump High” … self explanatory, jump higher than your competitor for the ball! When we come back to normality, work harder than the other guys in the room to gain as much as possible during the ramp up time.

  3. “Assume each shot is a miss” … stay in the mind of rebounding and if the shot misses, you are in the mind set of rebound. We may try something and it may miss, rebound and try a different approach on the return to business as normal.

  4. “Keep your hands up” … that way the ball doesn’t hit you in the face! Stay awake, alert, aware of what is going on around you so that you make good decisions during the ramp up time.

  5. “Finally, protect the ball when you rebound it” … being careless can have the ball stolen from you … symmetry? Be smart, not sloppy, stay positive, protect your mind, your talent, your skills, keep them sharp and ready when we go back to work!

Just something to think about during this time … stay safe and be well!