Teamsters in Vegas looking for assistance

I received the following message from the Teamsters looking for assistance.

“I would first like to start off by saying that I hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this troubling time. I am sending this email knowing that probably nobody has these items but I am trying to resourceful. As trade shows are temporarily closed down I have many crafts that continue to operate as essential services. My drivers and warehouse people at UPS do not have enough PPE. They were not forthright and honest. Our people here in Las Vegas are in need of PPE I have seen for myself and have talked to many members regarding this. Never the less I am reaching out to see if any of the convention employers have any type of ppe (rubber gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning solution etc.) that could be donated or purchased by the local to help these people? In addition to our UPS members we are having the same issue with our public transit members. We have a group at MV Transportation who are low wage earners that transport elderly, sick and handicapped people around Southern Nevada to the grocery stores and doctors appointments. These employees need help with ppe also. As I said in the beginning I am sure everyone is out of ppe but I wanted to at least explore all resources. If any of your companies have or know anyone who has this type of ppe please let me know. In the mean time stay safe, social distance and keep in touch. I am looking forward to going back to normal, everyone back to work, and going back to arguing over nonsense with all of you in the near future.”

If you can be of assistance please email and I will pass you to the correct contact person