State Re-Openings are here


As this process begins, it is critical that we capture local information on the conditions of re-opening in each area, as well as the consequences. Because these businesses are going before us, it will provide essential information allowing us to craft, modify and execute a successful re-emerging of our properties. We ignore this information at our own risk.

This includes not only the mechanics of opening, some examples are in the article below, but also the soft side, consumer opinion, comments and reaction both positive and negative.

I cannot express to you how critical this information will be, not just in creating our own industry plans to re-engage, but also the process of dealing with and managing the expected shift to regulation.

In the video portion of the link attached below Governor Como of New York discusses future phases of openings in New York where he intends to rely on the businesses themselves to determine their level of risk and set the mitigating processes and procedures. This is critical insight into what we can reasonably expect as we approach the opportunity to re-open in the future on the federal, state and local levels. As I have indicated to everyone, when the regulation process starts (trust me, it will start) we will either be prepared with the “science” or react emotionally and suffer unwanted consequences that would take years to unbundle if ever.

Perhaps a bit of hope - All of you have been on calls with me. It would be fair to state that I have been (am) somewhat pessimistic about any near term opportunities. However, if in this re-opening process people actually do what they are asked to do and the expected resurgence of the virus does not take place, then perhaps our time frame, at least with reduced capacity initially becomes more realistic. If that is not the case, then our business will be the victim of the result.

Cuomo Announces Phased Plan to Reopen New York; Deaths Drop

Please engage the members of your staff’s particularly marketing and communications to assist in gathering public information in all relate areas and send any and all information to me. I will (but as of yet not quite how) create a distribution system so that everyone has all material information.

The Reopenings Are Here

Kevin Cox/Getty Images

This week, many Americans will realize they can’t just end a conversation by clicking a red button. A handful states are allowing nonessential businesses to open for the first time in weeks.

Where things stand

Georgia, which already allowed businesses including gyms and hair salons to reopen on Friday, is extending that privilege to movie theaters and restaurants for dine-in service today. Tennessee is also letting people eat at restaurants today, and retail stores can open on Wednesday.

States including Montana, Colorado, and Minnesota are kicking off phased reopenings today, while stay-at-home restrictions expire for several other states this Thursday, April 30. Starting next Monday, “Almost every business in the state of Missouri will be able to open their doors," the governor said.

This will not be business as usual. Let’s use Georgia’s restaurant restrictions as an example:

  • At least six feet in between tables and bar seats
  • 10 patrons per 500 sq. ft. of space
  • No more than six people per party, no presetting of tables, and no salad bar

Is this…a good idea?

On the one hand you have an economy that’s deteriorating at a thunderous pace. 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment claims in the last five weeks, wiping out all of the job gains since the Great Recession. Business lobbying groups and some lawmakers are desperate to get people back to work.

Others, including many public health experts and big-city mayors, say these reopening plans are dangerous, arguing states don’t yet have the testing or contact tracing capabilities to prevent further outbreaks. Those outbreaks could force more shutdowns, so we end up in a maddening revolving door of self-isolation.

The big, final question: If you reopen, will they come? It’s not clear whether a nervous public—given the opportunity—will resume going to restaurants, bars, and gyms. This week will tell us a lot.