Make an Impact Now

Make an Impact NOW

Reach out to legislators to share our priorities

Let’s keep the momentum of the Exhibitions Mean Business campaign going!

Earlier this month, we asked you to reach out to local and state officials asking them to move exhibitions and conventions out of the category of “mass gatherings” which moves our industry up in reopening phases. Here is where we stand:

  • Social impact: Our messages are making a difference. To date, we’ve had 2.7M impressions with more than 814K users reached on Twitter.
  • Legislative impact: The Go LIVE Together coalition has been actively pursuing legislation at the federal level. Top asks are incentives in the form of tax credits to encourage attendee and exhibitor participation and legislation that includes pandemic risk coverage in event cancellation insurance. We’re already seeing progress, with the proposed RESTART Program, Clean Start Back to Work Tax Credit, and PRIA (Pandemic Risk Insurance Act).

Today, Congress is in recess. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t working or listening to you. Our next action is to reach out to our congressional representatives to remind them of the EMB legislative priorities.

STEP 1: Find your U.S. Representative or Senator and contact their local office.

STEP 2: Craft your message

  • Goal of message:
    Remind them of EMB’s legislative and policy priorities. Go to the EMB issues page for details. Also, attach this infographic in your communication .

  • Who should get this?
    Whether you live in or conduct business in a state, send your message to the local office of the appropriate U.S. Representative and Senators.

  • Key messages:
    Email subject line: B2B Events Contribute $1 Trillion to the US Economy – Act Now!

The exhibitions and events industry – your constituents – have been devastated by COVID-19. Full economic recovery cannot happen unless, and until, this industry reopens. Here’s why:

Exhibitions and events drive local economies. Our industry generates $419 billion in direct spending and $1.1 trillion in gross production. It is vital to get back to the business of business through exhibitions and events to drive direct economic activity.

Exhibitions and events drive tax revenues. $130 billion in total tax revenues, including the $79 billion that is state and local tax revenue are generated by business events. Without the business activity of exhibitions and events and the taxes they generate, the U.S. economy will continue on a downward spiral that affects the very people these taxes support.

Exhibitions and events drive innovation. 1.7 million exhibitors rely on events to drive revenues and 80% of exhibitors are small businesses. Every congressional district has businesses that rely on the vehicle of exhibitions and events to buy and sell their goods and services. Without this vehicle, businesses in your district are adversely affected.

Your work and support on key issues can help this industry reopen, recover and help drive a full economic recovery for the local, state and national economies. My business depends on you. My community depends on you. I depend on you and ask that you support this industry.

I have provided an infographic detailing our public policy priorities. ( Attach this infographic to your message if emailing or print if you are mailing a letter .)

STEP 3: Decide on the communication channel: email, phone call, social channels, or all three! For social channels, add #exhibitionsmeanbusiness to your outreach.

Your voice makes a difference. Collectively we can drive change. Doing our part now will make a significant impact to getting us back to the business of live events.

Contact Exhibitions Mean Business for additional information or questions.

Thank you,

EMB Team