If you know, you know!

All, I have been asked to contribute to a news article from Exhibit City News, and I’d like to get your thoughts and insights to share in the article.

This is the prompt "The piece will focus on Best Practices/The Unwritten Etiquette of the Showfloor for move-in and move-out days. ECN wants to bring awareness to those “if you know, you know” behaviors that keep co-mingling EACs, General Contractors, and CVBs happy. " If you get a moment send me over one key thought or practice you have that I can share on behalf of our membership.

Thanks in advance!

Be mindful the isles that are marked No Freight and keep them clear. Also, make sure you bring the equipment needed to build your booth. Don’t use furniture or other fixtures as a work bench, step ladder or lunch table.

Debbie, thanks for responding. Anyone else got a tip?

It is important the vendors read the instructions sent to them. We are all a team working together to accomplish the same end result, success for the show promoter and vendors. It is important that we are kind to each other and remember this.

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Great points! Love the call out to the same goals and how we all fit symbiotically in the ecosystem.

A few ideas that i observe on the show floor is keeping garbage out of the aisles. Many just throw garbage in the aisles and wait for someone to come clean it up. This creates additional hazards such as tripping hazards and hazards that forklifts could strike.
I would also bring to light blocking of emergency exits and life saving equipment such as fire extinguishers, AEDs. and fire exits by empty crates and tools of the trade.

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Thank you all for your responses and a special thanks to GES for emailing me the below tips. Any other tips out there? I have 3 more hours until this call. I want to be sure to get as much out as possible.

Understand show work rules and use to your advantage
Hanging signs – send to advance warehouse with ok to proceed. In most cases hung on ST.
In booth labor (I&D and Forklift) – estimate realistic hours. Allows GSP to plan better.
Ship to advance warehouse – gets your freight to the booth before outside line freight. NO waiting charges from your carrier at showsite.
Electrical – submit actionable floor layouts. Without it your carpet cannot go down and you cannot start to set.
Have your carrier have light and heavy weight tickets. In most cases the GSP will send your driver to go get them which in turn will delay your unloading.
When filling out you BOL make sure the carrier name and the destination are correct. If not using the GSP carrier you must make call your carrier to come pick up. The GSP doesn’t.
Whether you believe it or not, the GSP doesn’t want to reroute your freight. We don’t do it to drive revenue, we do it because we have to get out of the building by a certain time.

Looks like they finished the article. It’s on page 60, linked here. Exhibit City News, May June July