IAEE Webinar - Selling Through Crisis: A Discussion for Sales Professionals

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Selling Through Crisis: A Discussion for Sales Professionals


Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020

Rick Jennings, CEM, VP of Partnership Relations – IAEE; Doug Lotierzo, Consultant & Trainer – Neuberger & Company; and Jason Dixon, Executive VP, (Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.) – Neuberger & Company

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Webinar Description

Some suggest that selling during turbulent times is to be tone-deaf – that it ignores the nature of the crisis. Like most things, there is some truth to the idea that business-as-usual or ignoring the severity of the circumstances, makes one possibly appear to be self-oriented.

It’s important to acknowledge that the market is not business-as-usual. We must also recognize the severity of our collective challenges, along with our desire to also work with and help our clients and prospects, many of whom need even more help with their businesses and, who can very well benefit from your product or service during these troubled times.

How do you ethically sell, and differentiate from the competition, while providing value in this environment? Listen to this relevant discussion on how to sell through crisis.

Speaker Information

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Jason Dixon

Executive Vice President (Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.)

Neuberger & Company

Jason has a diverse background in sales management and business development providing a unique perspective and approach to the sales and management process. Prior to joining Neuberger & Company, Jason spent 14 years mastering the Sandler process and principles, specializing in building elite sales teams.

He served as a Director for a large media company, developing sales teams specializing in new media services and managing the sales teams of five newspaper operations. Jason later launched a new division for the country’s largest manufacturer of massage and therapy products, creating a sales and distribution network around the country. Before joining Neuberger & Company, Jason served as General Sales Manager for one of the leading logistics companies in the country, developing and managing a team of sales professionals based in major markets around the U.S.

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Rick Jennings, CEM

Vice President of Partnership Relations


Rick is an 18-year veteran of the exhibitions and events industry. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Rick provides strategic direction via project management, develops sponsorship packages, supervises and trains a sales team, and enhances and cultivates customer relations. His experience includes working for a general services contractor to integrating the selling of exhibit space, corporate sponsorships, print advertisements, and e-commerce related products.

Rick currently sells the annual partnership marketing programs for IAEE and its subsidiaries, based on industry and market research, accepted sponsorship practices, and input from IAEE members. His industry knowledge coupled with his dynamic approach not only increases business retention and participation, but also assists in exceeding revenue projections.

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Douglas Lotierzo

Consultant & Trainer

Neuberger & Company

Doug Lotierzo is a longtime consultant and trainer at Neuberger & Company, one of the largest and highly regarded licensed Sandler franchises out of the 250+ in the world.

Doug works tirelessly to support and fulfill Neuberger’s mission to grow businesses and change lives. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, executive-level leadership development, sales training and coaching, as well as operations optimization.

Doug has worked with hundreds of companies throughout the country, spanning across industries, to deliver meaningful results to increase employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

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