Goals Become Reality

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Hello Friends,

I am delighted to share that, thanks to a generous contribution from PCMA last week, we’ve reached our advocacy funding goal of $500,000! While it’s been difficult to see reopening plans stall over the past week, I am inspired by how our community has come together so quickly to support Go LIVE Together. As it becomes clear that the fight in front of us will require a sustained and multi-faceted effort, these monies, when coupled with generous donations from individual and corporate supporters, will allow us to stay the course until the work is done.

Events Drive Growth For All Industries

Over the past week, we’ve been meeting with legislators to discuss how every major sector of the American economy uses business events as a platform for commerce and innovation. Our lobbyists are using the infographic below to show the economic impact of all industries that rely on events to drive growth, and I encourage you to share this with your networks as well.

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Reopening Safely

Congratulations to Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) for becoming the first convention center in the United States to earn the Global BioRisk Advisory Council’s (GBAC) STAR accreditation for facility preparedness last week!

How else are CVBs helping to ensure their communities stay safe as they prepare to welcome visitors and event attendees again? Here are four great examples.

Looking Ahead

As Congress goes on break next week, we’ll also be taking a break from the newsletter and resuming updates on a biweekly basis going forward. I’d like to close by wishing you all a Happy July 4th. Let this weekend remind us of the strength and resiliency of our country and our events community.

Stay safe and stay strong,
Sue Sung Freeman