FEMA Community Vaccination Centers Playbook

Attached is the FEMA Community Vaccination Center (CVC) Playbook for your use and distribution. This version is approved for distribution and has been posted on our HSIN-Commercial Facilities portal and will be posted on the FEMA website. It is provided as a reference and resource in both planning and operating CVC’s. This playbook establishes guidance for providing federal support to existing and new Community Vaccination Centers (CVCs) that are essential to accomplishing the mission, to include interagency coordination, resource support, facility setup, and other requirements that may necessitate federal support.

In order to refine and improve this product and efforts, please share your feedback on the application in real-world CVC operations. Questions and feedback may be submitted by contacting the FEMA National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) Planning Support Section at FEMA-NRCC-PSSC@fema.dhs.gov.