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10 Advocacy Actions You Can Take Now

More than 200 industry professionals attended our webinar last Thursday on the Exhibitions Mean Business (EMB) campaign update. EMB is a collective voice that promotes the impact of trade shows as a key economic driver in local, state and federal economies. Now more than ever, advocacy is a key part of our daily lives. At IAEE and many other industry associations, countless people are coming together to create a unified and collective voice in our outreach at the local, state and federal levels.

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As our webinar moderator Carrie Ferenac said, “It’s time to turn our passion into action.” Here are 10 advocacy actions you can take:

  1. Find your senator and representative contact information, and search Twitter for their handle. Please note this can be where you live or where you do business!

  2. Add the contact information above to your address book.

  3. Go to congress.gov and using the search function, find each of these bills. You can sign up for alerts on congress.gov or via Google to keep you informed about their status. Follow the issues regularly on the EMB website here .

  4. HR 6800 – HEROES Act

  5. HR 6697 – Local Chamber, Tourism & 501 © (6) Protection Act of 2020

  6. S 3992 – A bill to amend the Small Business Act to provide that certain chambers of commerce and destination marketing organizations are eligible for loans under the paycheck protection program, and for other purposes.

  7. S 3814 – RESTART Act

  8. Under sponsors and co-sponsors, look for your senators or representatives. If they are already a sponsor or co-sponsor, send an email thanking them for their support. If they are not a sponsor or co-sponsor, send an email asking for their support.

  9. Get tips on connecting with elected officials here .

  10. If you are new to advocacy or would like a refresher, you can watch videos on how to share your story (summary tip sheet is here ) and how to work with social media (summary tip sheet is here ) from Exhibitions Day.

  11. Don’t forget your state elected officials, too. Find your legislators here .

  12. If you are looking for economic impact information about your state, we’ve got you covered. See our state infographics at the bottom of this page .

  13. Reach out to your local officials. Your mayor and City Council need to know the value our exhibitions and events bring to the local economy. These simple, yet powerful infographics on Go LIVE Together help tell the story of our industry’s ecosystem.

  14. Sign up to be an EMB Ambassador . We will keep you apprised of legislative actions.

Thank you again for supporting the exhibitions and events industry. We look forward to working together to share our voices!

Exhibitions Mean Business