EMB Team: Extending Our Reach Beyond Exhibitions Day

Extending our reach beyond Exhibitions Day

This week marked our seventh annual Exhibitions Day, where we use our voices to let elected officials know that exhibitions mean business.

On Wednesday, more than 600 attendees from around the world joined forces to take action. We did this virtually via social media, phone calls and emails. We asked elected officials to support our industry through specific legislation and we shared our personal stories.

This action resulted in more than 2.3 million Twitter impressions with a reach of 700,000+ users on the platform by the end of the day.

And, it connected many of us to helpful tools and resources that will allow us to keep moving forward. Advocacy is a 365-day-a-year undertaking. We still have a lot of work to do. So even if you could not join us this week, we invite you to check out these resources on the Exhibitions Mean Business website and take action:

  • Watch the videos – or download the summary tip sheet – to help you become a more effective advocate – what to say, how to say it, and how to leverage social media. Each video is approximately eight minutes!
  • Understand the issues that are impacting our industry. We prepared updates that outline key legislation, why it matters to you, and our call to action (what we are asking elected officials to do).
  • Start the conversation today via your social media channels! Retweet, like and follow @IAEE_HQ and @ExhibitsMeanBiz ; use our #ExhibitionsMeanBusiness hashtag when you post. A “Social Advocacy” video with Rachel Wimberly from Tarsus Media and Nicole Bowman from IAEE will show you how to use your passion for the industry through social media channels.
  • Find infographics for your state – show the economic impact that exhibits have on your community. Save a graphic and post to your social media, or reference this data when you reach out to elected officials.
  • Find resources on connecting with government officials, using your voice and understanding federal, state and local government.
  • Connect with elected officials via email. Under the section “Connecting with Elected Officials,” we have templates you can tailor to fit your needs.
  • Complete the Ambassador Form . This information allows us to build our network of connections and enhance our communications. We are building a database of contacts and issues that matter to our members so that we can collect the tools and connect members to each other and to key stakeholders.

Our voices really do matter. Let’s unify and amplify them in support of our industry, our businesses and our communities.