Data Tells The Story – When Attendees Will Come Back

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Today we released the second report of the Omnichannel Marketing Insights Series Will Attendees Come Back to B2B Exhibitions? Channels Used by Attendees to Meet Their Business Needs During the Pandemic and Outlook Moving Forward. This series details omnichannel marketing practices while the pandemic shut down the business-to-business (B2B) exhibition industry in mid-March 2020 and anticipated plans moving forward through 2022.

Along with benchmarks on the marketing channel mix used during the pandemic, Report Two assesses the extent by which participants will return to B2B exhibitions, and whether needs and preferences will shift in any way and summarizes overall findings from the attendee perspective.

It’s not a surprise, while trade shows were paused due to the pandemic, digital dominated.

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Will attendees come back? YES! Most have plans to attend through 2022.

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Why are they coming back? Because B2B exhibitions deliver unique value. Digital can only go so far. Download the report to get the critical details. Spoiler alert, they go because F2F events are effective in meeting their shopping and learning needs.

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At the same time, data suggests urgent need for a digital strategy.

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The future is still bright for face-to-face (F2F) events. There are aspects of F2F events that will increase in importance in the next two years. Want to know where?

Download the full report and infographic.

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