CISA Releases Latest Cyber Essentials Toolkit

Critical Infrastructure Colleagues and Partners,

Our promotion of Cyber Essentials to small companies and local government agencies continues with the publication of Toolkit Chapter 4: Your Surroundings, The Digital Workplace. This toolkit chapter focuses on the use of access lists and authentication tools to appropriately limit user access on your network. Organizations can provide a secure digital workplace by controlling who as access to the network and applications. This Cyber Essentials Toolkit, along with forthcoming Toolkits #5 and #6, put the emphasis on closing security gaps by improving cybersecurity posture.

To view the new Cyber Essentials Toolkit chapter, click here:

The Cyber Essentials Toolkit is a set of modules designed to break down the CISA Cyber Essentials into bite-sized actions for IT and C-suite leadership to work toward full implementation of each Cyber Essential. Each chapter focuses on recommended actions to build cyber readiness into the six interrelated aspects of an organizational culture of cyber readiness. In future months, you will see toolkits that focus on organizational tools, plans, processes, and other tips to make organizational cybersecurity easy and seamless.

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