Ask Congress to include these provisions and get a deal done now - AUGUST 19, 2020

Contact Your Member of Congress Today

The U.S. House of Representatives is coming back to Washington this weekend to consider emergency legislation pertaining to the USPS. Reports suggest that congressional leadership also sees this as an opportunity to advance an additional coronavirus recovery bill, which means we have an opportunity to secure relief .

We are urgently requesting all advocates to ask their representative and senators to immediately extend and expand the Paycheck Protection Program , and consider other policy proposals meaningful to the entire events industry, in any moving legislative vehicle. Please take two minutes to help make our voice heard.

Whether you live in or conduct business in a state, send your message directly to the office of your U.S. Representative and Senators. We ask that you email directly to your Members of Congress staff contacts. This list provides you with staff names, phone numbers and email addresses. (Please note: this excel file of personally identifiable information was legally obtained and complies with privacy data laws). You may ask, why is this step so important? Because you will then be in direct contact with staff members that have responsibility for these issues. You will be more effective in using this approach.

Unsure of who to contact in the list above? Visit

Great strides have been made in the early rounds of negotiations on our legislative priorities , but Congress and the White House have so far failed to advance a package that provides our industry relief, protection and stimulus, which will continue to harm businesses and its workforce and has severely slowed recovery efforts. We need Congress to advance legislation and we must do all we can to urge them to act now .

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Thank you for your help and engagement.

EMB Team